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What is FighterCoin?

The concept behind FighterCoin is to enable Fighters who are up and coming to receive direct funding from supporters. Fighters will use these funds to meet daily needs – food, rent, training camps, pre-fight medicals, transportation, training fees and other miscellaneous expenses incurred prior to their big break.


Fighters often struggle to make ends meet until their big purse fight. Fighters have to pay for training, transportation, medical bills, while supporting their families. FighterCoin aims to help these amateurs, pros and semi-pros receive funding from fans.


To create a lasting ecosystem for the sport of Fighters to help athletes have a secondary source of financial aid outside of the sport from the community of fans. FighterCoin embodies the true spirit of the sport of Fighters creating a win-win for fans and fighters alike.


A decentralized network technology solution based on blockchain and cryptocurrency with our very own FighterCoin token. Fans can engage with the sport of Fighters while having fun and win rewards while fighters get the financial support they need.

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How FighterCoin Works?

The FighterCoin platform

This is a web application with support for mobile and desktop that allows players to decide which fighters will win a consecutive number of scheduled fights. The more consecutive correct winners the player is able to pick the more rewards they are entitled to receive.

For Fans/Players

A fan can sign up as a player on the FighterCoin platform. As soon as they register they will be given an option to choose the main fighter they will be supporting. This fighter will be the person that receives the majority of the revenue in the event their fan correctly picks a winner or goes on a winning streak.

This is great for fans and players as essentially, they will be required to do nothing more than watch the fights they already enjoy watching. As an added bonus they will be able to enjoy the fights even more because they will have the ability to pick a winner, and get paid to do so.

For Fighters

Fighters are able to receive funding from either being the selected fighter a fan has directly nominated, or apply to receive proceeds from the general Public Pool for fighters.

For Engagement

Using FGC, fighters will have the ability to engage fans directly by requesting FGC donations in exchange for doing fan friendly commentary, or whatever the fighter chooses to do for his/her fan base.

For example, Fighter A might promise to do a funny taunt in the heat of the match, if the required amount of FGC tokens are received before the fight. This way the fans and fighter will be incentivized to communicate with one another more, thus allowing the fans and fighters to have more engaged interaction.

For Advertisers

Advertisers through the use of the FighterCoin platform will be able to reach their specified audience in a much more targeted manner. Thus, they’ll be able to generate more profits for their businesses and continue to provide goods and services that the FighterCoin community will be happy to purchase. The MMA community is a very unique audience and FGC will give advertisers the opportunity to reach them directly.

For The Fighting Community

The Fighting community, including gyms, instructors, schools, coaches and other personnel involved in the community will also receive a portion of the revenue generated through the usage of FGC. This is perfect, as the more FGC is adopted and used within the MMA community, the more money the fighting community at large makes, thus giving them the ability to train more quality fighters while worrying less about the financial issues associated with being a professional fighter.

FighterCoin Sale Terms

FighterCoin is based on the Ethereum ERC223 token format. Ethereum-based tokens are a good solution for regular payments. However, they are not suitable for micropayments e.g. $0.0001, due to the fact that the transaction fees on the Ethereum network (also known as gas) may be equal or even higher than amount to be paid.

Token nameFighterCoin (FGC)
Total supply1 Billion
Tradeable between usersYes
Token RolePlatform payments, community rewarding
  • 20% (200 million FGCs) will be sold during pre-sale.
  • 25% (250 million FGCs) during the ICO.
  • 5% (50 million FGCs) for Airdrops and rewards.
  • 13% (130 million FGCs) for Fighting Community Allocation.
  • 10% (100 million FGCs) for Company Reserve.
  • 12% (120 million FGCs) for Advisors & Bounty.
  • 15% (150 million FGCs) for Team.
  • Purchase methods: BTC, ETH, Paypal
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FighterCoin brings the excitement of Fighters closer to the fans by providing a cool new way to engage with the sport. Now fans can engage in using the FighterCoin mobile app through Fantasy Games to compete with other fans and win fun rewards and prizes. Fans pay to play using the FIghterCoin cryptocurrency token and proceeds go to fund their favorite fighters and benefit the Fighters community helping defray training, medical and transportation costs, while creating a retirement fund for fighters. A fun coin with a genuine purpose.

Our Team

We are a team that is proven and battle tested. We have been through multiple startups together and been able to achieve successful exits. We have domain knowledge in multiple verticals including automotive, retail, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, and more.